Mitch and Tyler were extremely competent, polite and professional and saved the day after I was let down by two other installers. I have never experienced a tradesman stressing so much on my behalf to make sure I got everything done right. Our wood stove installation and end result exceeded all expectations – both in and outside the property. I had seen wood stoves in friends’ houses before and was worried about imperfections here and there, parts not lining up perfectly, gaps and scratches on the flue etc and was told that that’s just how stoves are… well, not with Mitch’s work! There is not a single blemish anywhere as he battled all day with grinders and all sorts, making sure every minute detail lined up perfectly and even spray painted little bolts to ensure everything is black and uniform. At the end of the day it was like nobody had been around and the stove was just magically there all along. This is the business to use!